Teacher Appreciation is this week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week this week. Please join us in as many activities as you are able:

Monday (5/3) Please bring in a card, drawing or note from your child. A handwritten, illustrated note or card is always very special.
Tuesday (5/4) Breakfast will be provided by Ms. Dora and the office staff. If you’d like to bring something in, please deliver it to the staff lounge by 8:30am on Tuesday morning.
Wednesday (5/5) Please bring flowers directly to your child’s teacher or bring a few flowers to the office, tell us which teacher and we’ll arrange a vase, with others brought in and deliver it. The PTSA is also providing a luncheon this day.
Thursday (5/6) Please have your child bring a sweet treat/fruit to their teacher. We are hoping to fill their desks with emergency treats!
Friday (5/7) Please bring in chocolates. Every teacher needs a stash of chocolates for those little emergencies!


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