Clothing Drive coming to BF Day!

It’s true.  It’s amazing.  It’s brilliant.

Consider the following:

  • Spring is coming and that means spring cleaning.
  • BF Day is building a new playground, and that costs money.
  • If only there were some way to turn that spring cleaning into money for the playground…

Ta Da!  Along with our friends at Northwest Center, a new way to raise funds for the new playground is here.

  • What? A clothing drive.  Clear out your closets of unwanted clothing of all ages, coats, linens, towels, shoes, scarves, handbags, etc.
  • Who? Northwest Center, the non-profit organization dedicated to helping adults and children with disabilities, and BF Day families.  But this event is not limited to just us.  ANYONE can donate, ANYONE can participate.
  • Where?  Right at our school! Northwest Center will provide barrels to be placed around the school and will pick up items throughout the week as barrels fill up.
  • How?  Northwest Center will take our donations and re-sell them to support their programs. In turn, we receive 10 cents/pound of clothing. For a visual, a big lawn trash bag is about 30 pounds of clothes.
  • When? There are two weeks that the barrels will be present at our school.  The first is April 9th-13th, the second is April 23rd-27th.
  • Why?  There are so many reasons.  To help you de-clutter your home. To support the mission of Northwest Center.  To bring the BF Day Playground Project one step closer to becoming a reality.  To pass on unneeded items in your household to a new home where they are needed, just to name a few.

So gather those items and tell your neighbors, this great opportunity benefits everyone and anyone who participates.  Thank you!

Any questions?  Our email is


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