After-School Drama “Roger the Jolly Pirate” and “Comedy Comedy” sign-up extended through Thursday

Who ever heard of a pirate who does everything with a smile? Roger is a very friendly pirate, which makes him a lousy pirate. He tries to bake a cake while the ship is on one of its most important battles and he makes an explosion that propels him to deck with his face covered in flour. The enemies think he’s a ghost and abandon ship. The other pirates celebrate Jolly Roger and make the Jolly Roger flag on his honor. For grades K-1


What makes people laugh? Learn the extremes that can turn an every-day situation into pure comedy.
For grades 2-5, in ‘Comedy! Comedy!’ students will explore comedy skits of their choice. They will also have a performance on the last day of class.

These 8-week after school drama programs begin Monday April 9 and run through Monday June 11 (No Class April 16 or May 28.)
Roger, the Jolly Pirate – 3:10-4:10, $80. Grades K-1
Comedy! Comedy! – 3:10-4:50, $120 Grades 2-5

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