The PTSA calls on its families to save progams for next year.

Can you imagine BF Day without Miss Sandy’s music classes?  No Chess Club?  Writers in the Schools?  Arts Corp?  The PTSA supports these programs as well as so many other grants for students and teachers.  But our fundraising budget is currently short by $10,000. As you know, what we raise this year, helps us support programs for next year. If we do not raise more money, some programs will be cut.

At the beginning of the school year, we asked if each family could give $150.  If you cannot give $150, what about $25 or $50… If you work for a company that does matching donations, please talk to them about BF Day.  If you gave in 2011, please consider giving again.  Its a new year and you can make another tax deductible donation- this time for 2012.

As the BF Day PTSA, we are committed to ensuring every child has the best education possible.  We want all children regardless of economic situation to have access to enrichment classes and services.

Every contribution counts, we just need your participation.  Any amount is helpful, and we can reach our goal if enough of our BF Day families answer the call.

We really want all families who can participate to contribute whatever amount they can.  As an added incentive, the classroom which has the highest percentage of participation (not related to dollar amount) will get a pizza party!

Donations can be made online here using the pay pal button. You may also send a check or cash with the attached form to the school office. Please make sure to include the child’s name and their teacher’s name.

We thank all of you for your generosity and participation.  Our goal is to provide the best experience possible for your child’s days at BF Day.  We do this through funding for arts and science, as well as teacher support.  It is the Family School, after all.


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