November 2nd is International Family Dinner and Evening Read

Friday, November 2nd is the night of our Family Dinner! This fun-filled evening will include:

  • Students music program lead by Miss Sandy
  • PTSA update
  • Mediterranean themed dinner
  • Read-in in the Gym
  • Door Prizes and displays

All families are invited to wear traditional garments from around the world!

Would you like to bring an item of interest to the International Dinner?  Do you have something at home from another country or culture that could be displayed at this evening celebrating our community?  Contact Beth Tesh at (206-252-6042)  Thank you for sharing and enriching this night!

Volunteer opportunity!  If you are able to help, we have work to do!  Even a shift of just 30 minutes helps make a difference.   Contact Beth Tesh at (206-252-6042)

Books for the Evening Read are provided by our Community Support Program.

The Family Dinners are made possible by generous donations from our PTSA & and the Fremont Community.  Additional donations will be accepted at the door.

RSVP form is here! Download PDF 


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