Read, Read, Read

Hundreds of books were given away, free of charge, to students and families last night at BF Day’s International Family Dinner.  Though Ms. Pearl was not able to join us, she wanted to pass along a clear and simple message.

Read every day.  Know that the school is a resource for you. 

For thirty minutes, every day, read.  Read to them, with them, let them read to you.  There are books in the family resource room that you are welcome to.  Beth Tesh, our remarkable volunteer coordinator is at your service. 206-252-6042

Katharine Donnelly, our awesome Librarian, is literally here to match your student to a great book.  More information here, at the library information page.

(Author’s note:  I am including a link to my personal favorite list of books here.  A good starting point, as always use your own discretion.)


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