One More Week to Buy a Chinook Book!

Who on your holiday gift list wouldn’t love a free pizza from PCC, a free burger from Phinney Market, or a free ice cream cone from Bluebird Ice Cream? They aren’t hungry you say? How about a free coffee from Café Vita? Would they like a night on the town? They can choose from a free ticket options that range from the Pacific Northwest Ballet to the Rat City Roller Girls – nice!

Where can you find all of these great deals? In the Chinook Book coupon book or mobile phone app of course! The Chinook book offers deals on sustainable, local products and services that just can’t be beat. You’ll find great offers on cooking classes, entrance to the aquarium, the zoo and the Children’s museum, organic produce deliveries, weekends in the San Juans, massages, children’s books and consignment clothing… wow! There’s something for everyone and half of the price of the book or app stays with the BF Day PTSA – even better!

Chinook books and mobile apps are available in the office through Tuesday December 5th! Stop by or send in an envelope with your child with the number of books and or/apps that you need and your check made out to the BF Day PTSA and we will send the books home to you by December 7th. Books are $20 each and mobile apps are $15 each.

Don’t miss out on this great way to give the gift of savings and support the BF Day PTSA at the same time!


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