December Meeting

snow treeWould you like to share some thoughts or ideas about the after-school enrichment programs offered at BF Day or find out how the new student council is going? Would you like to know more about how we keep the computer lab running and are able to offer after-school tutoring / mentorship programs, support teachers, throw those great seasonal family dinners, and build a new playground?

The Next PTSA Board Meeting is Monday, December 10th, at 6:30 pm in room 204.  Here is what is on the agenda.

  1. Student Council Representative/Introductions
  2. Katie Updates
    1. Tech Roll Out – when?
  3. Fundraising
    1. Chinook Books
    2. Walk-n-Roll Report
    3. Spring Party/Fundraising Event – March 30 or April 6
    4. Art Rocks
    5. Trivia Night
    6. Direct Drive
  4. Budget
  5. Family Dinner
    1. Cost of November dinner
    2. Preparations for January dinner
  6. Enrichment
    1. Vocal Music Program
    2. Chess club
    3. Tutoring
    4. Survey Results for after school enrichment activities
    5. Math Night
    6. Little Wednesday February
    7. Circus Arts Next year? When does Little Wed calendar come out?
  7. Communications
    1. Email Updates
    2. Website
    3. Around School
    4. Principal Newsletter
    5. Directory
  8. Playground
    1. Pennies for Playground
    2. Legacy Campaign (“Buy a Brick”) in January
  9. Upcoming Dates

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