A Message to All Fifth Grade Families

Middle Schools in our area are facing some pretty complicated capacity issues.

Wallyhood.org has this  –

It seems that the Seattle Public Schools in the north end of Seattle has had its share of capacity issues — including here in Wallingford where John Stanford International School has had its boundaries resized twice since the New Student Assignment Plan.

The full post can be read here, note comment #20 with update.

Mellisa Westbrook has also posted a recap of the meeting held yesterday, January 17th.

I attended today’s Operation Committee of the Whole where some important issues for school year 2013-2014 were discussed. Those would be transportation and what to do in the NE middle school region.

Full post can be read here.

The BF Day PTSA received an email this morning from the Hamilton PTSA, with important information for the families of our fifth graders.

Dear Hamilton Families,The PTA/PTSA leaders of the majority (14) of north and northeast SPS elementary schools met yesterday to collectively address the district’s current Short Term Capacity Management plan (STCM) options. Their consensus was that all three scenarios that comprise the STCM plan are unacceptable, incomplete and do not align with long term planning. A summary of the group’s collective views is reflected in their PTA leadership letter and their notes on all three options.Whatever your views, your PTSA board strongly encourages you to email the district and the school board members IMMEDIATELY. It’s the most effective way for your opinions to be heard. Emails will be tabulated for the school board. The district operations meeting was TODAY (January 17), final staff recommendation will be made TOMORROW (January 18), and the school board vote is next Wednesday (January 23).Thank you so much for your time and ACTION!
The Hamilton PTSA BoardEmails:

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