First Little Wednesday of 2013 February 6th

Little Wednesday registration forms went home in your student’s folder yesterday.  The PTSA is pleased to welcome back some favorites like Lego Build from Math N Stuff and another amazing art project from Kids Create.  This month kids will learn about winter birds that can be seen in our neighborhood, as well as building birds and nests with multiple materials and paper mache.


Additionally this month, there will be a workshop called Cupcake Monsters taught by professional pastry chef Anna Harlow-Truscott.  Description of this workshop is as follows:

cupcake monster Professional pastry chef Anna Harlow-Truscott comes to BF Day with her imaginative (and delicious) creations. Decorate a half-dozen cupcakes in adorable monster designs! Also learn a little about the chemistry, mechanics, and nutrition of baking.  (Note to parents: ingredients include wheat, soy, dairy, eggs and food coloring. Students will be allowed to eat one cupcake at the end of class, and bring the rest home.)  Room 204.

Anna has requested three parent volunteers.  There is a maximum of 12 students in this class, but there is going to be a lot of hands-on work.  Also, let’s do our best to be sure that limit of one cupcake consuption is observed.  Volunteers will be able to take a cupcake or two home as well.

If you would like to be a volunteer, you can reply to this post or email Carol Magallanes. Email address is on the registration form, which can be downloaded here.Little Wed Registration Form Feb 2013


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