Last Day to Buy a Brick is February 8th

I went to Pike Place Market today.  Such a great place, the heart of Seattle if you will.  Have you ever looked down?  A 1985 fundraiser put a new floor on the market with a name or message engraved in a tile.  In 2004, this former art student made rubbings of some of these tiles and made a collage for the “texture” assignment in her Two-Dimensional Design class.  Got an A, thank you.


Last week I took my children to the zoo and first stop as always is the penguins.  And if you look down?  A school of fish, silvery and engraved, swim safely about.


brickIf you haven’t purchased a brick for the new playground yet, time is running out.  The February 8th deadline is fast approaching for this beautiful opportunity to dedicate a place of learning, nurturing and play to a person, a child, a teacher.  Anyone or anything, really.  Download an order form here.

Keep Fremont weird and BF Day the family school for many, many years to come.


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