Spring Fling and Silent Auction

fling1Hello B.F. Day Families,

It’s true, the annual auction is happening, and this year it’s got a new flavor. The Spring Fling Silent Auction, hosted by Roxy’s Backdoor, is not to be missed! We are still looking for some more donations to add to our bidding table. Because space is limited, we’re focusing on experiences and services, rather than things. Some examples include:

1) vacation rentals
2) gift/punch cards for yoga/pilates/restaurants/coffee/etc.
4) sports/theater tickets
5) handy-man/ gardening assistance/ cooking lesson
6) themed parties (e.g. create a kid or parent-oriented party where you would provide decorations, foods/baking, drinks, games, etc.)

What we are NOT looking for:

1) donations that mainly promote a business without giving much value to the purchaser (i.e. require the purchaser to spend a lot more money at the business)
2) used goods

So, if you’re a season ticket holder, a ski cabin owner, a business proprietor, or someone willing to put their connections, skills, and imagination to work for B.F. Day, please consider making a donation! When you do, everybody wins–businesses get tax breaks and free advertising, auction-goers get to buy cool stuff guilt-free (knowing the money spent is going to a good place), and B.F. Day gets funding for enrichment programs to teach and inspire our kids!

How you can help make the Spring Fling Silent Auction a big success:

1) Brainstorm what you have access to, via friends, family, or businesses you frequent. Think of stuff you’d want to buy at an auction. It’s OK to be selfish and solicit donations you plan on bidding on yourself! Or get your creativity flowing–are you crafty? Come up with a birthday party idea. Are you really good at making ice cream? Host a lesson for four. Do you have a green thumb? Offer two hours of gardening assistance.

2) Email saraparent@gmail with your ideas. I will double check to see if someone else has already approached that business, or if we already have an abundance of idea you are suggesting. When I give you the greenlight…

3) Approach your target business and/or fill-out the attached procurement form and make sure to get the donation to the school office (or Sara P.) as soon as you can, no later than March 23rd. Please add your name and email address to the procurement form so we know who to thank for hooking us up. Email saraparent@gmail.com for more procurement forms.

4) Come to the event and bid on some of the awesome things you brought to the table!

5) Encourage your friends and other fellow B.F. Day parents to attend. We have a limited capacity this year, so please buy tickets early! (go to http://www.bfdayptsa.org and click on Spring Fling). What better time to get to know our community? We’re the Family School afterall, so think of it as a family reunion. But in a good way ;-).


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