Spring Fling and Silent Auction FAQ

fling postcard frontSpring Fling and Silent Auction FAQ

What on Earth is a Spring Fling?
A Party with a Purpose!  It’s a cocktail party and mini-auction that supports teachers, arts education, literacy enrichment and other programs ant Fremont’s only public school. This is one of the primary fundraisers the BF Day PTSA holds every year. Items on the auction block include goods and services donated from businesses all over the community, experiences hosted by BF Day families, vacation rentals and lots, lots more.  In years past, the annual auction was known as Swellegant, but this year we are taking on a new look.

When is this happening?
Saturday, April 6th 2013. Beginning at 6:30 pm and wrapping up at 10:00 pm. Here is how the evening will progress:

  • 6:30 Doors Open
  • 7:30-8:00 First Auction
  • 8:15-8:45 Second Auction
  • 9-10 Check Out. Collect your winnings!

The Backdoor at Roxy’s. 462 N 36th st, in lower Fremont. This is the first time we are having this event at this location and are really looking forward to it. Have you seen this place?  It’s going to be a great time, for sure!

Who can come?
Anyone (21 and over) can come! This is not just limited to BF Day parents, but anyone who:

  • likes to be involved in the community
  • cares about the arts and science as a part of education
  • enjoys a cocktail now and then
  • likes to eat food

RSVP now!

I see you mentioned cocktails and food. 
Yes, yes I did.
Included in the price of admission are heavy hors d’oeuvres and drink tickets.

Is there going to be an auctioneer?
No, this is going to be a silent auction where you write your bid on a bidding sheet. There are going to be two rounds of bidding, as well as a “buy it now” board where you can just buy an item outright. Not to mention the Golden Raffle.

What the heck is a Golden Raffle?
Only the greatest thing ever! In this raffle, exactly 40 tickets are sold for $50 each. The person who holds the winning ticket may walk up to the auction table, and choose any item. That item is now theirs. Woohoo!

Is the Boys and Girls Club going to be open?
No. The Boys and Girls Club at BF Day will not be open during this time. Child care is up to you, so book your babysitters!

Do I need to register or anything?
Please RSVP!  Knowing who to expect helps us prepare information in our auction system.  Also, Roxy’s Backdoor can accommodate up to 100 people for our party, so do not delay.  Another reason to RSVP sooner rather than later is that buying in advance will save you a bit of money.  Tickets before April 3rd are $40 per person.  After April 3rd, the price is $55.

See you there!


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