Springtime Volunteer Opportunities

volunteersJoe Olegario, Parent Volunteer Coordinator, would like to share the following events and volunteering opportunities for this Spring:

1. Carol Magallanes is looking for 4 volunteers for the upcoming Little Wednesday, May 15th, 1:00-3:00. She is looking for 2 volunteers for the Pokémon workshop, and another 2 volunteers for the Paper Airplane Derby.

2. Mr. D is looking for some volunteers to help out with a Bicycling Unit he is doing with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, May 1-3 and May 6-10. You can contact him directly at  vldelaney@seattleschools.org to let him know you are interested and to find out specific times that volunteers are needed during the day.

3. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6th-10th, and we are hoping to leave some fresh baked goods, snacks, and drinks every morning that week in the teacher’s lounge. If you are interested in dropping off some sort of treat for the staff at B.F. Day that week, please let me know. Drop-off would be around 8:30, before the school day begins. If you have already expressed interest, I have your contact information, and I will be sending out an email with the specifics next week.

Please let me know which of the above you would like to help with. Many thanks in advance, and have a great weekend!

Joe Olegario

A great thanks to Joe and you, the parent volunteers!


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