Little Wednesday is May 15, now with Wallingford Boys and Girls Club!

It’s the last Little Wednesday of the year, and it is HUGE!

Wallingford Boys and Girls Club Shuttle!
New this month and most exciting is that kids who normally attend Wallingford Boys and Girls Club after school have been unable in the past to attend these workshops, as they had to catch the bus that took them there when school was released at 1pm. But this month, the Wallingford Boys and Girls club will be sending a van at 3pm to come pick up any kids attending these great activities. We are very excited to have this option and hope to welcome even more students to Little Wednesday!

Bigger and Better!
Six classes in all, some returning favorites and some brand new experiences. Download the registration form and return to the office. Space is limited, please to not delay!

1. Pokemon
Great for beginners with no cards, or for trainers already collecting, who don’t know the rules! Come learn how to play and challenge other trainers to a Pokémon battle! Learn how to play with a pre-built 30 card learning deck, After you’re familiar with the rules, get some advice on adding your own cards to build a deck of 60, to play a full game! Get a special reward to add to your collection at the end of the day.

paper airplanes
2. Paper Airplane Derby
Learn different folds and designs, and test out your engineering creations! Experiment with aerodynamics and forces of lift, drag and that harsh mistress, gravity. We will aim for targets, and find out what does the best air-show tricks. There will be special take-home materials too!

3. Clay Creatures
Design, Draw and Sculpt your own clay creature! In this class, we’ll take an art adventure with polymer clay transforming an imaginative creature into amazing clay art sculptures! Learn how to pinch, roll, score and slip a monster, a mystical animal or anything else you might find lurking inside your artistic mind. By Nadine Smith and

4. Cupcake Crawlers
Professional pastry chef Anna Harlow-Truscott comes to BF Day with her imaginative (and delicious) creations. Decorate a half-dozen cupcakes in adorable insect designs! Also learn a little about the chemistry, mechanics, and nutrition of baking. (Note to parents: ingredients include wheat, soy, dairy, eggs and food coloring. Students will be allowed to eat one cupcake at the end of class, and bring the rest home.)

5. Circus 101
Teatro Zinzani makes a triumphant return to BF Day! Teatro ZinZanni’s trained Circus Arts Educators will come to our gymnasium to teach circus skills including juggling, clowning, balance and more!

6. LEGO Build
A true classic and BF Day favorite. Spend an afternoon with LEGOs and your imagination. Take some home, too! Hosted by our friends from Math N Stuff.


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