Walk N Roll For Fitness FAQ

walk n rollHere are some frequently asked questions and answers about Walk N Roll For Fitness.

What is the Walk N Roll For Fitness?  It is a walk-a-thon that raises money for your PTSA.  It is the largest single source of income to the PTSA’s budget.   Each student should have received an envelope in his or her backpack  for recording and collecting pledges.

When is it?  Friday October 4th, rain or shine.  Different grades will be walking at different times during the day.

Tell me more about pledges.  Sure!  Ask around everyone you know to make a pledge.  Family, neighbors, friends, everyone.  Your student’s sponsor can pledge an amount of money per lap completed by your student, or choose to give a flat rate donation.  Both are appreciated.

How do I know how many laps my student is going to complete?  Well, of course it is going to vary student by student, and the course is unique each year as well.  But a good starting point, is that many kindergartners will probably complete 10 laps or so, and older graders can expect 12-15ish.

Are there any prizes?  There are three incentives to keep in mind.

  1. The class that raises the most money will get a class party.
  2. The class that has the most participation (kids returning pledges of any amount) will have its name engraved on a plaque, which will be on display all year.
  3. If your student raises $250 or more, he or she will be the principal’s guest for lunch!

Do you need any help?  Yes!  If you can be here, please come, for we do indeed need your help!  Contact bfdayvolunteer@gmail.com if you can be a part of this day.  Thank you!

If you have any more questions, please ask!  You can comment here or email carol.magallanes@gmail.com.


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