Boundary Update

bf day stone square
All our questions and comments made a difference.
Thank you for caring.
Thank you for acting.
Thank you for using your voice.

The District heard that we disagree with smaller boundaries and an available capacity of 300 students for B.F. Day Elementary School.

On Wednesday, October 8, District employees were at the school to do a walk through with the Principal to re-evaluate B.F. Day’s available capacity. We have been told this new number is 450 students. This is a number the building can physically support. These numbers would also generate enough District funding for full-time art, PE and music (as you know PTSA currently pays for part-time music), WHILE maintaining programs like Spectrum, Special Education and EEL.

Info from the Enrollment and Planning Office:
– this new number, 450, will be incorporated into the Growth Boundaries recommendations presented to the School Board at their meeting on October 16, 2013
– there will not be time to adjust the actual boundaries on the map before Oct. 16 Board Meeting
– New boundaries/map will be posted by November 1, 2013 – possibly sooner. Tracy Libros (Enrollment Planning) said she would let our Principal Katie Pearl know as soon as those boundaries are posted.

What’s next?

Fri. Oct. 11
School Board released new boundary map, here.

Wed. Oct. 16, 2013, School Board Meeting, 4:15-8pm
Board will be presented with new draft growth boundaries. Testimony will be taken. Several members of the BF Day community have signed up to speak. Many thanks to them, and good luck! We’re behind you!

Thur. Oct. 17, 4:30-6pm, Board Work Session on Growth Boundaries
Public is welcome to attend and observe. No public testimony.

Fri. Nov. 1, 2013
New Boundaries will be posted on Growth Boundaries website

Wed. Nov. 20, 2013, School Board Meeting, 4:15-8pm

School Board Meetings are held at the John Stanford Center in the Auditorium
2445 3rd Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134

This is great news for BF Day, thanks to the many people in this community who reminded the school board that this is a great place to live and grow, and we love and support our neighborhood school. However, our work is not done, and we cannot let our voice fade out. Please, continue to send your feedback, questions and suggestions to
Please include your school name or topic in the subject line of your email.

Thank you, Family School!


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