Have a Beer for B.F. Day! (Reuben’s Brews Event)

Thanks to the generosity of local brewer Reuben’s Brews in Ballard and two wonderful B.F. Day parents, tomorrow night you can enjoy a delicious beer knowing that for every pint you and your friends drink, five dollars will be donated to B.F. Day PTSA.Reuben’s Brews is a microbrewery in Ballard that has a wall full of national awards.  Every Thursday, they give $1 of every pint sold to a different local charity, and this week the money goes to our PTSA.  Thank you, Reuben’s Brews!  

And now two generous parents have stepped up and have offered to personally match this donation (and get their companies to match as well).  Doing the math (we’re a school, after all), that means for every pint we drink, B.F. Day gets $5 donated.  What a great and delicious deal!  And yes, KIDS ARE WELCOME! 

The Details:
When:  Thursday, February 27 beginning from 3:00-9:00pm
Where:  Reuben’s Brews, at 1406 NW 53rd Street (Ballard)
More details are on the Facebook event page

Reuben’s Brews is a tasting room, so they do not sell food other than small bags of chips and free pretzels. The Cheese Wizards food truck will be there between 5:00-8:00, however, and you can order outside and bring the food into Reuben’s.  You are also more than welcome to bring your own food. We hope to see lots of people there to have a beer, meet your neighbors, and support B.F. Day!


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