Walk and Roll – April 3rd

BF Day’s annual walk-a-thon, the Walk and Roll for Fitness, is happening Friday April 3rd.

What is it?
A fitness walk and fundraiser! Kids get to walk around a path on the upper upper playfields, during the school day. They walk for about 45 minutes and walk as many laps as they can in that time. Kids gather sponsorships from family and friends for the event.

For example:
Grandma pledges 50¢ per lap. Uncle pledges a flat rate of $20. Child walks 10 laps. After the event, Grandma pays $5, Uncle plays $20, which child brings to school in an envelope. (Pledge envelopes will be provided)
That’s it!  You’ve raised $25 for your school!

About the walk.
Each lap is about 1/6 of a mile, so every 6 laps is about 1 mile walked.
Classes walk with same grade.

Volunteers Needed – April 3rd
Set up. 6:30-8:30 am (or any portion of it) The course needs to be set up, water stations and tables.
Throughout the school day. Punch cards, walk with kids, refill water, be a cheerleader!
Tear down. 2:30-3:30 Help pack up cones, water and tables.

Get ready to enjoy a great day outside and earn money for your school!


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