BF Day Boardgame Club

BF Day Boardgamers is a new after-school club at BF Day.  We are a small group of parent volunteers who love playing games and would like to host a learning, social, and fun after-school experience.

We are going to start out small with three meetings in December to sort of “play test” our ideas and format.

Our objectives are:

  • Create a fun, and engaging environment that promotes the learning process.
  • Growth in friendly and healthy competition, gracious winning, and respect for
    fellow players.
  • Engage logic, math, communication, and problem solving strategies.
  • Engage reading comprehension, converting read materials into action and
    applied strategy.
  • Experience true teamwork.


We’ve all been told that making mistakes is how we learn. A game setting is a perfect environment to make mistakes. It engages the learning process by getting feedback from your peers, seeing other options to a problem, and good old fashioned trial and error. A game gives us the freedom to fail without harmful consequences.  And that, is how we learn.
Oh, and by the way, it’s massive fun, too.


  • December 1st – Introductions, Goals and Club Charter.
    Catan Jr, Exploding Kittens, Splendor, Sushi Go, Forbidden Desert, more.
  • December 8th – Ticket to Ride with Card Kingdom
    Card Kingdom is bringing extra copies of the game and will lead game play.
  • December 15th – Favorite Free Play
    We’ll be playing Ticket to Ride and other favorites from our first meeting. Experienced kid players invited to lead games.

Each Player must bring:

  • An open mind and an adventurous spirit
  • A focus and readiness to learn how a game works
  • Respect for your fellow players
  • Respect for the physical game; its board, cards and all pieces.

Each Player will receive:

  • An invitation to experience new and challenging games
  • Mentorship in finding winning strategies and problem solving
  • Respect from all Players
  • A rewarding, fun hour of social interaction

Enrollment for BF Day Boardgamers:
Meets:         December 1st, 8th, 15th. 2:50-3:45 pm
Room:         305
Grades:       1st – 5th.  18 student maximum.
Cost:           There is no cost to join BF Day Boardgamers. Please consider supporting BF Day PTSA in whatever way you are able.

Please email if you would like to enroll your student!


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