Meeting on Boundary Change (April 4)

The Seattle School District is proposing a reduction in the enrollment boundary for B.F. Day, beginning in in Fall 2017. This change will remove appx. 45 square blocks from our enrollment boundary. Here’s a map showing the reduction from the current boundary, outlined in red:

BF Day Boundary Change

These boundary changes were approved by the Seattle School board in 2013. Seattle Public Schools is having a series of public meetings beginning this week to get feedback from the community about the specific changes. If you believe that B.F. Day is generally stronger with more kids, and that a boundary reduction doesn’t make sense, please come to the meeting and make your voice heard.  Most of the PTSA board members will be there.

The first meeting is Monday, April 4 from 6:30-7:30 at Ballard High School (1418 NW 65th Street).

A reduction in the boundary will mean fewer kids being assigned to B.F. Day as their neighborhood school. For our school, a reduction just doesn’t make sense: we have some space for more neighborhood kids, and when other nearby schools are adding portables to accommodate growth, it doesn’t make any sense to reduce our boundary. The District should be increasing our enrollment boundary to balance with neighboring schools, not reducing it. To date, no one at Seattle Schools has been able to tell us why the proposed change is being made.

You can read more about this issue here.
Current attendance area boundary is here.
Proposed attendance area boundary beginning 2017 is here.

If you plan to be at the meeting or want to be involved in stopping this reduction, please, email Steve Albertson (BF Day PTSA board president).  Thanks!



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