Walk and Roll FAQ

The BF Day PTSA’s annual walk-a-thon, the Walk and Roll for Fitness

Thank you to those who are donating and who are volunteering for this fantastic fundraiser.  Stay tuned for more stats on how we did as a school.

 Below is some information on what to do next….after Friday.

What should I do with the envelope? When should I turn it in?

Please turn in your envelope with all pledges by April 27. There will be a random drawing for prizes (for students) for all envelopes returned by April 27.

How will I know how many laps my child walked?

After spring break, each student will be sent home with a sheet of paper that notes how many laps they walked. If that paper gets lost, you can email Kristin (below) for that information.


Can I donate online?

YES, you can pay online. There is a pay pal button on the B.F. Day PTSA webpage – www.bfdayptsa.org – (look below) where you can make your donations. In the notes section, please note the name of the student (and Teacher, Room # and/or grade) associated with the pledge. Also, please note on the envelope that the donation has been made online.

What is our fundraising goal?

Our goal this year is to raise at least $16,900.

If we raise at least $14,000, Mr. Jaskot will dye his beard PINK!!!

Other questions?

Please get in touch:

Kristin Anderson

(mom of Nora McIntosh, Ms. Sawyer’s class)




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