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Fremont Players present Beauty and the Beast

BeautyBeast_poster400x600All profits from opening performance benefit B.F. Day!

Fremont Players work their magic on this classic tale. The lovely Belle must save her family from ruin and defeat the nefarious Lord Malice, but how? Meet her outrageous sisters, her well-meaning father, and her charming aunt as they face the cursed and frightening Beast. Complete with sparkling fairies, a magic horse and all your favorite Panto surprises, Beauty & the Beast is sure to entertain audiences both young and old.

Experience the best British Panto this side of the Pond. This year’s Panto is once again full of large, colorful characters, original songs, plenty of audience participation, and swashbuckling fun for the whole family! You’ll be encouraged to boo at the villain, cheer for the hero, and sing along with whole cast.

A holiday tradition not to be missed! Stop by Hale’s Palladium, grab a drink and some food, and enter the raucous world of Panto!

These perfrmances have sold out in the past. To buy tickets in advance, click here to visit


BF Day Friends and Family Discount at evo

evo, a local ski, snowboard and skateboard shop, is hosting a special shopping night for B.F. Day Elementary this December 18th from 5 to 7pm.
During that timeframe they will be donating 5% of all sales to our school and will give a 5% discount (some exclusions may apply) to all B.F. Day Friends and Family. Buy your little ones (or yourself) all those needs for the cold weather, going to the mountain or skateboarding AND raise money for our school at the same time!
The store is located at 3500 Stone Way in the Wallingford neighborhood and has free parking in the back. Please share with anyone you know who might be interested in this offer!

Science on Wheels Needs You!

pacsciGreetings B.F. Day parents!

I hope you all have had a great start to 2014! At the beginning of the year, you checked off the box “Just Ask” on the PTSA volunteer form, and we sure could use your help this Wednesday, January 29th.

The Seattle Science Center is putting on an Engineering Exhibit, and we are looking for 4-5 parent volunteers for either a morning or afternoon shift. The morning shift will run from 8:45 to 11:30, and the afternoon shift will run from 11:30 to 2:15. The Science Center will need help with managing the student as they enter the exhibit, visit various learning stations, and as they exit the exhibits.

Please let me know if you can help out either during the morning or afternoon shift. You can check in at the main office on Wednesday, and Ms. Carrie will let you know where to go!

Many thanks in advance!


January Little Wednesday and After-School Clubs

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  January has a lot in store for the kids at BF Day, beginning next week.

Next Wednesday, January 15th is a Little Wednesday and as always, there are some amazing workshops offered.  This month there is Chihuly-inspired Shrinky Dink Sculpture, Sewing, and Engineering with LEGO! The registration forms were sent home earlier this week with students, but if you haven’t seen yours yet, download the form here.  Also feel free to email me,


New After School-Clubs are here and starting soon!
Information and registration forms were also sent home with students as well. All forms are provided below for your reference.


Days and Dates Tuesdays, 2:25-3:55
January 14 – March 18. No class February 18
Cost $120
Register here!
Download Brochure Winter Spanish Club


Days and Dates Thursdays, 2:55-3:35
January 16, 23, 30, Feb 6 and 13.
Cost $75
Register here! email
Download Brochure Crazy Cake Info and Registration Form


Days and Dates Fridays, 2:55-3:55
January 17, 24, Feb 7, 14, 28 March 7, 14, 21.
Cost $96
Register here! Contact Ilene Adler
or call 206-525-6075
Download Brochure Art Wizards Winter 2014

Year-End PTSA Giving: Why Your Donation Matters

letterhead2Dear B.F. Day Families,
We are proud to call ourselves the family school. You are a part of the B.F. Day family, along with your sons and daughters, teachers and school staff. Together, we shape and grow our community.

The PTSA works to fund enrichment programs that enhance our children’s time at school, and encourage a love of learning they will have with them their whole lives.

We fund:
• Music Education
• Literacy Workshops
• Classroom Grants
• Current Technology
• Community Outreach and Family Support
• So much more

The annual Direct Drive is where we ask B.F. Day families to make a direct donation to the PTSA and the programs it supports.

Our goal is to raise $75 for each B.F. Day student through the direct drive. We ask that you give what is allowable in your family’s budget. We hope to raise $12,000 in Direct Drive and have raised about $2,500 to date.

Every donation helps, every donation counts.

How to donate:
• Check or cash – Mail your donation to B.F. Day PTSA, 3921 Linden Ave N, Seattle WA 98103, drop by the office and place it in the mailbox marked PTSA.
• Online by credit card – Click on the Donate button on the right of this screen.
• 100% of your donation is tax-deductible. Tax ID: 91-1348668

Thank you!

Download Donation Form

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all of you and yours have had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Before we begin the busy month of December, I wanted to share these two links.  The first is on giving, the second is on gratitude. Happy Holidays, everyone.


Note: The video below contains a fraction of a second of a bare bottom when a man jumps into a lake.

Boundary Update

bf day stone square
All our questions and comments made a difference.
Thank you for caring.
Thank you for acting.
Thank you for using your voice.

The District heard that we disagree with smaller boundaries and an available capacity of 300 students for B.F. Day Elementary School.

On Wednesday, October 8, District employees were at the school to do a walk through with the Principal to re-evaluate B.F. Day’s available capacity. We have been told this new number is 450 students. This is a number the building can physically support. These numbers would also generate enough District funding for full-time art, PE and music (as you know PTSA currently pays for part-time music), WHILE maintaining programs like Spectrum, Special Education and EEL.

Info from the Enrollment and Planning Office:
– this new number, 450, will be incorporated into the Growth Boundaries recommendations presented to the School Board at their meeting on October 16, 2013
– there will not be time to adjust the actual boundaries on the map before Oct. 16 Board Meeting
– New boundaries/map will be posted by November 1, 2013 – possibly sooner. Tracy Libros (Enrollment Planning) said she would let our Principal Katie Pearl know as soon as those boundaries are posted.

What’s next?

Fri. Oct. 11
School Board released new boundary map, here.

Wed. Oct. 16, 2013, School Board Meeting, 4:15-8pm
Board will be presented with new draft growth boundaries. Testimony will be taken. Several members of the BF Day community have signed up to speak. Many thanks to them, and good luck! We’re behind you!

Thur. Oct. 17, 4:30-6pm, Board Work Session on Growth Boundaries
Public is welcome to attend and observe. No public testimony.

Fri. Nov. 1, 2013
New Boundaries will be posted on Growth Boundaries website

Wed. Nov. 20, 2013, School Board Meeting, 4:15-8pm

School Board Meetings are held at the John Stanford Center in the Auditorium
2445 3rd Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134

This is great news for BF Day, thanks to the many people in this community who reminded the school board that this is a great place to live and grow, and we love and support our neighborhood school. However, our work is not done, and we cannot let our voice fade out. Please, continue to send your feedback, questions and suggestions to
Please include your school name or topic in the subject line of your email.

Thank you, Family School!

If You Scan Every Other Email Sent to You by the PTSA, I Beg You To Read This One Carefully.

If you scan every other email sent to you by the PTSA, I beg you to read this one carefully.

Seattle Public Schools is in the process of defining new boundaries and if adopted, the current proposal will greatly impact B.F. Day and neighboring schools.  A summary of the situation follows, along with an FAQ about the changes in boundaries and how it will affect current and future B.F. Day families. Last, but not least, we’ve got information on ways you can help lessen the blow for our school.

This year, enrollment at B.F. Day is 337.  If the current boundaries remain intact, the projected enrollment for our in school in 2017 is 574.  (The official capacity for the building is well over 700.) However, and this is the perplexing bit, under the proposed new boundaries, our enrollment would instead be only 287.  In 2022 this disparity in number grows.

So where are these 274 children going instead?  Children who are living in the current B.F. Day boundaries will be assigned to neighboring schools.  West Woodland for one, will need to use portables.

These shrinking numbers have serious repercussions on our school. The reality is that larger schools get more money than smaller schools.  Operating a school with 287 students means fewer programs, less resources, and fewer teachers.  Equity in numbers means equity in programs.

I am not an administrator, I am speaking to you as a parent, and I don’t know that doubling our student body is the only option, but we must be allowed to grow, not shrink.  We must progress, not cut back.

Parents in the B.F. Day community have always been, well, pretty quiet.  Right now, I am asking you not just as a parent of a B.F. Day student, but as a neighbor, friend and citizen, do not remain quiet now.

This is OUR neighborhood school, and really, it works best when our neighborhood actually goes to our neighborhood school.

Do not remain silent.  These are only drafted proposals, but you MUST act now, and you MUST be heard.  The last parent meeting was last Tuesday.  Please send an email to Principal Katie Pearl so she can fight for our school, and do it today!  Also, call or email the following staff of Seattle School District.

We’ve put together a short FAQ about the district’s Growth Boundaries program:

What is the Growth Boundaries Program?

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is working on creating new attendance area boundaries (Growth Boundaries) to accommodate enrollment growth and new construction. In order to use this increased capacity efficiently, school attendance boundaries must be re-aligned.

What Are The Proposed Boundaries For B.F. Day?
You can find the proposed boundaries for B.F. Day here: Content/enrollment planning/Sept 17 meeting/GrowthBoundaries_MapPacket.pdf?sessionid=87de335a444af9d056b3dd3e2165c941.

New boundaries would send siblings of some B.F. Day students living near Gas Works Park (and north) to Green Lake (30 blocks north) instead of B.F. Day

– Information on school capacity is inconsistent and confusing. These new draft boundaries were made public on Sept. 17 (you should have received an email). Recommended changes will be presented to the School Board on Oct. 16. THIS IS URGENT

How Will The New Growth Boundaries Affect Me?
Families currently enrolled at B.F. Day may remain at the school through fifth grade. Younger siblings and families who don’t yet have children enrolled at the school will be affected if they reside outside of the boundary lines.

But My Kiddos Are Already at B.F. Day. How Will This Impact Us?
The new attendance area being proposed for B.F. Day is significantly reduced in size and if implemented would result in fewer students and potentially 2 less teachers by 2017. Fewer teachers means less money for the school and reduced programs.

– Please email or call the following District personnel to let them know it’s not acceptable to shrink boundaries of our growing school.
– Copy Principal Katie Pearl on your emails.
– Take action by October 10 – date Principals are meeting with District staff to discuss.
– Please share this email widely. Our PTSA directory is still being finalized so we are not sure if we are communicating with all B.F. Day families.

Attend District II Board Member Sherry Carr’s community meeting on Saturday, October 12 at Bethany Community Church, Christian Education Room, 8023 Green Lake Drive North.

Flip Herndon
Assistant Superintendent – Capital Facilities and Enrollment Planning

Joseph A Wolf
K-12 Planning Coordinator

Sherry Carr
School Board Member, District II


Tracy Libros
Manager Enrollment & Planning

Your friend and neighbor,
Carol Magallanes

B.F. Day Playground News

playground equip

We have a final design for play equipment
In late June, the Playground Project Team worked with Play
Creations (vendor) and Landscape Structures (manufacturer) to
come up with this final design.
Volunteers will assemble the play equipment
It’s hard to believe, but volunteers can install this equipment. This
community install will likely happen on Saturday, September 14
and possibly Sunday, September 15, 2013. Please mark your
calendars. An approved contractor will prepare the site, place
equipment footings and be on-site to supervise the community
installation. If you are interested in helping with installation, please
send an email to Kristin Anderson at
Construction to start August 1, 2013
The general contractor plans to start work on August 1, 2013. This
work will include demolition and site preparation. During
construction, the play areas on the west side of the school will be
fenced off and closed to access. The big toy (on north side of school)
will remain open. We expect to complete construction in September,
but not before school starts (September 4). School staff will be using
the upper playground and adjacent City park for recess.
Thank you!
This project has been made possible by the generosity of many. We
are grateful for the support of the Seattle Department of
Neighborhoods, King County Parks, the Norcliffe Foundation, the
Seattle School District, the Rotary Club of Fremont, the Fremont
Neighborhood Council, the Fremont Dock Company, the Fremont
Chamber of Commerce, the B.F. Day PTSA and the many individual
donations of time and money.

New Playground Needs Equipment – Cast Your Vote!

We wanted to get the word out about the B.F. Day Playground Survey. We are asking for input (from students, staff, families, neighbors) on 3 different play equipment options. The three options are attached. Please follow the link to the survey in the attached PDF file to select your preference. Please send us input by Friday, June 7.

Click here to cast your vote!
Click here to download PDF.

Option 1 from All Play / Playcraft systems
Option 2 from PlayCreation (A)
Option 3 from PlayCreation (B)