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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all of you and yours have had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Before we begin the busy month of December, I wanted to share these two links.  The first is on giving, the second is on gratitude. Happy Holidays, everyone.


Note: The video below contains a fraction of a second of a bare bottom when a man jumps into a lake.


Boundary Update

bf day stone square
All our questions and comments made a difference.
Thank you for caring.
Thank you for acting.
Thank you for using your voice.

The District heard that we disagree with smaller boundaries and an available capacity of 300 students for B.F. Day Elementary School.

On Wednesday, October 8, District employees were at the school to do a walk through with the Principal to re-evaluate B.F. Day’s available capacity. We have been told this new number is 450 students. This is a number the building can physically support. These numbers would also generate enough District funding for full-time art, PE and music (as you know PTSA currently pays for part-time music), WHILE maintaining programs like Spectrum, Special Education and EEL.

Info from the Enrollment and Planning Office:
– this new number, 450, will be incorporated into the Growth Boundaries recommendations presented to the School Board at their meeting on October 16, 2013
– there will not be time to adjust the actual boundaries on the map before Oct. 16 Board Meeting
– New boundaries/map will be posted by November 1, 2013 – possibly sooner. Tracy Libros (Enrollment Planning) said she would let our Principal Katie Pearl know as soon as those boundaries are posted.

What’s next?

Fri. Oct. 11
School Board released new boundary map, here.

Wed. Oct. 16, 2013, School Board Meeting, 4:15-8pm
Board will be presented with new draft growth boundaries. Testimony will be taken. Several members of the BF Day community have signed up to speak. Many thanks to them, and good luck! We’re behind you!

Thur. Oct. 17, 4:30-6pm, Board Work Session on Growth Boundaries
Public is welcome to attend and observe. No public testimony.

Fri. Nov. 1, 2013
New Boundaries will be posted on Growth Boundaries website

Wed. Nov. 20, 2013, School Board Meeting, 4:15-8pm

School Board Meetings are held at the John Stanford Center in the Auditorium
2445 3rd Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134

This is great news for BF Day, thanks to the many people in this community who reminded the school board that this is a great place to live and grow, and we love and support our neighborhood school. However, our work is not done, and we cannot let our voice fade out. Please, continue to send your feedback, questions and suggestions to
Please include your school name or topic in the subject line of your email.

Thank you, Family School!

If You Scan Every Other Email Sent to You by the PTSA, I Beg You To Read This One Carefully.

If you scan every other email sent to you by the PTSA, I beg you to read this one carefully.

Seattle Public Schools is in the process of defining new boundaries and if adopted, the current proposal will greatly impact B.F. Day and neighboring schools.  A summary of the situation follows, along with an FAQ about the changes in boundaries and how it will affect current and future B.F. Day families. Last, but not least, we’ve got information on ways you can help lessen the blow for our school.

This year, enrollment at B.F. Day is 337.  If the current boundaries remain intact, the projected enrollment for our in school in 2017 is 574.  (The official capacity for the building is well over 700.) However, and this is the perplexing bit, under the proposed new boundaries, our enrollment would instead be only 287.  In 2022 this disparity in number grows.

So where are these 274 children going instead?  Children who are living in the current B.F. Day boundaries will be assigned to neighboring schools.  West Woodland for one, will need to use portables.

These shrinking numbers have serious repercussions on our school. The reality is that larger schools get more money than smaller schools.  Operating a school with 287 students means fewer programs, less resources, and fewer teachers.  Equity in numbers means equity in programs.

I am not an administrator, I am speaking to you as a parent, and I don’t know that doubling our student body is the only option, but we must be allowed to grow, not shrink.  We must progress, not cut back.

Parents in the B.F. Day community have always been, well, pretty quiet.  Right now, I am asking you not just as a parent of a B.F. Day student, but as a neighbor, friend and citizen, do not remain quiet now.

This is OUR neighborhood school, and really, it works best when our neighborhood actually goes to our neighborhood school.

Do not remain silent.  These are only drafted proposals, but you MUST act now, and you MUST be heard.  The last parent meeting was last Tuesday.  Please send an email to Principal Katie Pearl so she can fight for our school, and do it today!  Also, call or email the following staff of Seattle School District.

We’ve put together a short FAQ about the district’s Growth Boundaries program:

What is the Growth Boundaries Program?

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is working on creating new attendance area boundaries (Growth Boundaries) to accommodate enrollment growth and new construction. In order to use this increased capacity efficiently, school attendance boundaries must be re-aligned.

What Are The Proposed Boundaries For B.F. Day?
You can find the proposed boundaries for B.F. Day here: Content/enrollment planning/Sept 17 meeting/GrowthBoundaries_MapPacket.pdf?sessionid=87de335a444af9d056b3dd3e2165c941.

New boundaries would send siblings of some B.F. Day students living near Gas Works Park (and north) to Green Lake (30 blocks north) instead of B.F. Day

– Information on school capacity is inconsistent and confusing. These new draft boundaries were made public on Sept. 17 (you should have received an email). Recommended changes will be presented to the School Board on Oct. 16. THIS IS URGENT

How Will The New Growth Boundaries Affect Me?
Families currently enrolled at B.F. Day may remain at the school through fifth grade. Younger siblings and families who don’t yet have children enrolled at the school will be affected if they reside outside of the boundary lines.

But My Kiddos Are Already at B.F. Day. How Will This Impact Us?
The new attendance area being proposed for B.F. Day is significantly reduced in size and if implemented would result in fewer students and potentially 2 less teachers by 2017. Fewer teachers means less money for the school and reduced programs.

– Please email or call the following District personnel to let them know it’s not acceptable to shrink boundaries of our growing school.
– Copy Principal Katie Pearl on your emails.
– Take action by October 10 – date Principals are meeting with District staff to discuss.
– Please share this email widely. Our PTSA directory is still being finalized so we are not sure if we are communicating with all B.F. Day families.

Attend District II Board Member Sherry Carr’s community meeting on Saturday, October 12 at Bethany Community Church, Christian Education Room, 8023 Green Lake Drive North.

Flip Herndon
Assistant Superintendent – Capital Facilities and Enrollment Planning

Joseph A Wolf
K-12 Planning Coordinator

Sherry Carr
School Board Member, District II


Tracy Libros
Manager Enrollment & Planning

Your friend and neighbor,
Carol Magallanes

Walk N Roll For Fitness FAQ

walk n rollHere are some frequently asked questions and answers about Walk N Roll For Fitness.

What is the Walk N Roll For Fitness?  It is a walk-a-thon that raises money for your PTSA.  It is the largest single source of income to the PTSA’s budget.   Each student should have received an envelope in his or her backpack  for recording and collecting pledges.

When is it?  Friday October 4th, rain or shine.  Different grades will be walking at different times during the day.

Tell me more about pledges.  Sure!  Ask around everyone you know to make a pledge.  Family, neighbors, friends, everyone.  Your student’s sponsor can pledge an amount of money per lap completed by your student, or choose to give a flat rate donation.  Both are appreciated.

How do I know how many laps my student is going to complete?  Well, of course it is going to vary student by student, and the course is unique each year as well.  But a good starting point, is that many kindergartners will probably complete 10 laps or so, and older graders can expect 12-15ish.

Are there any prizes?  There are three incentives to keep in mind.

  1. The class that raises the most money will get a class party.
  2. The class that has the most participation (kids returning pledges of any amount) will have its name engraved on a plaque, which will be on display all year.
  3. If your student raises $250 or more, he or she will be the principal’s guest for lunch!

Do you need any help?  Yes!  If you can be here, please come, for we do indeed need your help!  Contact if you can be a part of this day.  Thank you!

If you have any more questions, please ask!  You can comment here or email

September Meeting – All Parents Welcome

sep treeThe first PTSA meeting of the year is this Thursday, September 12th, at 6:30 pm in the Library.  All parents are welcome to attend.

If you are interested in what the PTSA has in store for the new school year, come listen and share.

Springtime Volunteer Opportunities

volunteersJoe Olegario, Parent Volunteer Coordinator, would like to share the following events and volunteering opportunities for this Spring:

1. Carol Magallanes is looking for 4 volunteers for the upcoming Little Wednesday, May 15th, 1:00-3:00. She is looking for 2 volunteers for the Pokémon workshop, and another 2 volunteers for the Paper Airplane Derby.

2. Mr. D is looking for some volunteers to help out with a Bicycling Unit he is doing with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, May 1-3 and May 6-10. You can contact him directly at to let him know you are interested and to find out specific times that volunteers are needed during the day.

3. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6th-10th, and we are hoping to leave some fresh baked goods, snacks, and drinks every morning that week in the teacher’s lounge. If you are interested in dropping off some sort of treat for the staff at B.F. Day that week, please let me know. Drop-off would be around 8:30, before the school day begins. If you have already expressed interest, I have your contact information, and I will be sending out an email with the specifics next week.

Please let me know which of the above you would like to help with. Many thanks in advance, and have a great weekend!

Joe Olegario

A great thanks to Joe and you, the parent volunteers!

Spring Fling is This Weekend, Buy Tickets Now!

The Spring Fling Silent Auction items are in, and if you haven’t already purchased your tickets (which will go up in price after April 3rd, hint, hint), you will when you hear what’s in store! Old time favorites such as Principal or Librarian For The Day, the vacation house in Ireland, and sailing trips with Ms. Barrow are being joined by some great new experiences, many of which are created or hosted by BF Day family members! Let me whet your appetite…principal librarian beach baskin

Hand-made American Girl Outfits, featuring the BF Day logo!
Home-cooked Italian meal or a home-cooked Irish meal with music and dance lessons
A greeting card-making party
A tarot card reading lesson

Fun for the whole family? We have Mariners and Sounders tickets (check your calendar– one set of tickets is for April 13th and comes with a parking space!), a Dim Sum lunch, or a family photo session! And if you can’t make it all the way to Ireland, stay stateside in a Mountain Condo Getaway by Mt. Baker instead!

Wanna team up with some friends a go in on a bid? Be thinking about the Sleep-over in the School (hosted by Principal Pearl on Friday May 31st) for up to 10 students, Ms. Barrow’s sailing trip for up to 8 kids, or a hip-hop dance party (with lessons by a professional dance instructor) in your home!

Looking for some self-care options: massage, tattoo time, salon experiences, SGASteven’s Pass lift tickets ,hot yoga, Parent’s Night Out punch card at Seattle Gymnastics Academy

Or if you want to put the kiddos first, how about piano/music lessons or martial arts classes?

Computer geek? We’ll hook you up with a year’s membership to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. NOT a computer geek? We’ve got you covered with a couple hours of computer repair/maintenance.

Student-made art– We got some! A large canvas piece made by Sawyer, Boren, and Jackson’s classes, and two smaller canvas pieces by Johnson, Faryar, Agrellas, Confehr and Boren’s classes.

Who knows– if you play your cards right, someone might bake you cookies, takebird towels you birding, work in your garden, haul something away for you, and give your kids a pizza party while you go out on a date on a sailboat or a scenic flight or movie! (Fine print: these are all separate auction items, but, again, if you play your cards right…)

We know, the possibilities are endless! Where to begin? What do choose? If you can’t decide, try your luck with the Golden Raffle and maybe you’ll be the one to snatch anything on the table!

Or if the high-drama world of raffles and bids isn’t your thing, we have slew of gift-cards donated by local businesses that you can walk up and buy it outright, including:

Peaks Custardlh logo
Veraci Pizzeria
Georgetown Brewery
The Dish
Via Tribunali
Lighthouse Coffee
Populuxe Brewing
El Chupacabra
Mighty-O Donutstop_pot_donuts
The Ballroom
Pecado Bueno
Smokin Pete’s BBQ
Top Pot Doughnuts
Uneeda Burger
Kaosamai Thai Restaurant
Cafe Ladropie-fremont
Tall Grass Bakery
Baskin Robbins (Northgate store)
Ophelia Books
Majestic Bay Movie Theater
Bella Materna

Buy your tickets!

That’s right, folks– something for everyone!  Talk to your kids, partner, spouse, friends, classmates about what you want to bid on so you’re primed and ready to go. And come Party with a Purpose!!

Insider tips: Bring cash for extras at the bar; consider walking/biking/busing since parking is limited; wear pockets or purse so you don’t lose those valuable raffled tickets!

Questions? email

After School Enrichment Classes Come to BF Day

BF Day is happy to announce after-school enrichment classes! Below is a list of classes that will begin in Aril of 2013. Registration is available NOW!

Some helpful information:

    • These are enrichment classes that have been very popular and successful at many of our neighboring schools.  They are run by independent companies, not BF Day Staff.
    • Unfortunately, there is no after-school transportation.  Students must be picked up at BF Day, or they will continue on to the on-site Boys and Girls Club.
    • An Information Wall has been created outside the office with a calendar and reminders, and all information.
    • These classes are paid for by parents, and there is scholarship funding available.
    • A HUGE thanks to Enrichment Coordinator Joanna Marvin for organizing these fantastic programs. For any questions at all, contact Joanna at
    • Just look at these classes!


    Grades K-2
    Days and Dates Tuesdays, 3:05-4:05
    April 9 – May 20. No class April 15
    Cost $72
    Where Room 306
    Register here!
    Register Now-> New User -> Spring 2013 -> Spanish -> BF Day
    Download Brochure Pollyglot Spanish Club

    Mad_Science_Logo_3D_L (Medium)

    Grades K-4
    Days and Dates Wednesdays, 3:10-4:10 pm
    April 24 – June 5
    Cost $82
    Where Room 306
    Register here!
    or call 425-556-0800
    Download Brochure Mad Science Flyer


    Ipad LEGO Animation
    Grades K-5
    Days and Dates Friday, 3:05-4:35 pm (90 minutes)
    April 5 – May 31 (No class April 19)
    Cost $135
    Where Room to be announced
    Register here!
    After School -> Spring 2013
    Download Brochure Ipad LEGO Animation Flyer


    Grades K-5
    Days and Dates 7 Mondays, beginning April 8th
    Cost $84
    Where Room 306
    Register here! 206.525.6075
    (no online registration)
    Download Brochure Art Wizards Flyer


    Grades K-2, 3-5
    Days and Dates K-2 Tuesdays, 3:05-4:05
    April 2-June 4, No class April 16
    3-5 Thursdays, 3:05-4:05
    April 4 – June 6, No class April 18
    Cost $95
    Where Gym
    Register here!
    Download Brochure All Sports Flyer


    Grades 2-5
    Days and Dates Wednesdays, 3:05-4:05 April 3-June 5,
    No class April 15 or May 15
    Cost $85
    Where Gym
    Register here!
    Download Brochure Hip-Hop Flyer

Spring Fling and Silent Auction FAQ

fling postcard frontSpring Fling and Silent Auction FAQ

What on Earth is a Spring Fling?
A Party with a Purpose!  It’s a cocktail party and mini-auction that supports teachers, arts education, literacy enrichment and other programs ant Fremont’s only public school. This is one of the primary fundraisers the BF Day PTSA holds every year. Items on the auction block include goods and services donated from businesses all over the community, experiences hosted by BF Day families, vacation rentals and lots, lots more.  In years past, the annual auction was known as Swellegant, but this year we are taking on a new look.

When is this happening?
Saturday, April 6th 2013. Beginning at 6:30 pm and wrapping up at 10:00 pm. Here is how the evening will progress:

  • 6:30 Doors Open
  • 7:30-8:00 First Auction
  • 8:15-8:45 Second Auction
  • 9-10 Check Out. Collect your winnings!

The Backdoor at Roxy’s. 462 N 36th st, in lower Fremont. This is the first time we are having this event at this location and are really looking forward to it. Have you seen this place?  It’s going to be a great time, for sure!

Who can come?
Anyone (21 and over) can come! This is not just limited to BF Day parents, but anyone who:

  • likes to be involved in the community
  • cares about the arts and science as a part of education
  • enjoys a cocktail now and then
  • likes to eat food

RSVP now!

I see you mentioned cocktails and food. 
Yes, yes I did.
Included in the price of admission are heavy hors d’oeuvres and drink tickets.

Is there going to be an auctioneer?
No, this is going to be a silent auction where you write your bid on a bidding sheet. There are going to be two rounds of bidding, as well as a “buy it now” board where you can just buy an item outright. Not to mention the Golden Raffle.

What the heck is a Golden Raffle?
Only the greatest thing ever! In this raffle, exactly 40 tickets are sold for $50 each. The person who holds the winning ticket may walk up to the auction table, and choose any item. That item is now theirs. Woohoo!

Is the Boys and Girls Club going to be open?
No. The Boys and Girls Club at BF Day will not be open during this time. Child care is up to you, so book your babysitters!

Do I need to register or anything?
Please RSVP!  Knowing who to expect helps us prepare information in our auction system.  Also, Roxy’s Backdoor can accommodate up to 100 people for our party, so do not delay.  Another reason to RSVP sooner rather than later is that buying in advance will save you a bit of money.  Tickets before April 3rd are $40 per person.  After April 3rd, the price is $55.

See you there!

For a Teen’s Senior Project, a BF Day Benefit Show

live-music-and-poetryMs. Sandy’s daughter, Clementine, is a senior at Roosevelt High School. For her senior project she and a friend are putting on a benefit show for BF Day on March 9th at 5:00 pm at the Odd Fellows Lodge in Ballard (a $5 donation). The show will feature a variety of music and poetry by young artists.

They chose BF Day in the interest of nourishing arts in the school, as they have been studying the importance of music and arts in development in children and thought. She is inviting BF Day kids to open the show and sing first.  It is all an ages’ event. Please support this important and fun event.

Congratulations, Clementine!