PTSA Positions

Board Positions, Chaired Positions, Volunteer Activities

Executive Board Positions Position terms are one year (July 1 – June 30th). No person shall serve in the same office (board position) for more than two consecutive years). Executive Board positions are nominated and voted on by PTSA membership.

  • President – Attends and runs all monthly PTSA board meetings and quarterly PTSA general membership meetings.  Plans meeting agenda ahead of time with input from others. Oversees the coordination of PTSA activities. Communicates with PTSA Board, PTSA Chair Positions, the Principal and other school staff.
  • Vice President – Assists President and performs President’s duties in President’s absence. Attends all board meetings. Ideally, the Vice President becomes the President.
  • Secretary – Takes minutes and records all business transacted at each meeting (board and general membership) of B.F. Day PTSA. Prepares minutes for approval at next meeting.
  • Treasurer – Manage funds of the PTSA on behalf of the membership and board of directors. Attends all board meetings. Maintain accurate and detailed account of all funds received and all funds disbursed using PTSA owned Quickbooks financial software. Pay all authorized financial obligations of the PTSA in a timely manner. With assistance from board of directors, develop the budget for the following year, and submit a final annual report prior to the end of the fiscal year.


  • Fundraising Chair – Coordinates all fundraising activities, including Direct Drive (Fall campaign), Walk-n-Roll, Spring Fling/Auction, Chinook Book sales, PCC Scrip and e-Scrip. Oversees and delegates management of other fundraising efforts. Regularly attends PTSA Board Meetings.
  • Other fundraising activities that need a coordinator:
    • Grant writing Chair – Research and write grants to support PTSA and school programs.
    • Direct Drive Coordinator
    • Spring Fling/Auction Planning Chair
    • Walk-n-Roll Committee
    • Chinook Book Sales
    • Scrip Sales (PCC, Fred Meyer Community Rewards, Bartells, Safeway)
    • Square One Art Fundraising Coordinator

Enrichment/After-School Programs Chair – Coordinates the quarterly after-school programs, as well as Little Wednesday workshops. Works with board to develop additional art or science enrichment programs (both during and after school).


  • Communications – Works with board of directors and other communication positions to send regular email communication to school email list and PTSA member list. Regularly attends PTSA Board Meetings. Functions as communications coordinator, distributing PTSA messages through volunteers in the following functions:
    • Website/Facebook Manager – Works with board of directors and other communication positions to make regular updates to PTSA website and Facebook page (BF Day Family Page).
    • On-site Communications – Works with board of directors and other communication positions to keep school bulletin boards updated with current information.
  • Room Parent Coordinator – Recruit new Room Parents in beginning of school year. Provide information/training to Room Parent Volunteers in September. Communicate school wide messages to Room Parent Volunteers for distribution. Yearlong responsibility, with bulk of work in the Fall.
  • Membership Chair – Manage online enrollment program and/or data entry of membership forms. Assist Treasurer and Secretary with collection and deposit of membership fees. Active in September & October only.

PTSA Volunteer Coordinator – Serve as the conduit between school and PTSA programs/events, and parents who wish to volunteer.  Currently paid a $400/month stipend (10 months/year), for appx. 10 hours/week of work.  Regularly attends PTSA Board Meetings.

Legislative/Advocacy Chair
Keep informed about advocacy issues and legislative news, including budget and policy issues that affect our children. In recent years, the PTSA has advocated against shrinking enrollment boundaries, and for retaining teaching staff. Educate and share state advocacy news so PTSA members are aware of what their association is doing and can get involved if they so choose. This is a great volunteer position for parents who perhaps can’t be at school but want to make a difference at your school, the district and state levels. No experience is needed – just a computer and about an hour a week.

Other Volunteer Tasks/Event Coordination and volunteers needed:

  • Room Parent Volunteers (all year):  Communicate school wide messages from Principal and/or PTSA Board to parents in individual classrooms. Work with teacher to distribute class specific information (ie, snacks, needed volunteers, test dates,…). Done mostly via email.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
  • Kindergarten Open House (June)
  • Fifth Grade Graduation Ceremony (June) – 4th grade parents help with this
  • Field Day (late May or June)

PTSA Liaisons to District Staff

  • Liaison to the Librarian – Communicate with Librarian to find out how PTSA can best support the Library Program. Assist Librarian during particular units and/or events (Book Fair, Book Drive) throughout the year when additional volunteers or other support is needed. Work with communications team to get the message out.
  • Liaison to the Art Teacher – Communicate with Art Teacher to find out how PTSA can best support the Art Program. Assist Art Teacher during particular units and/or events throughout the year when additional volunteers or other support is needed. Work with communications team to get the message out.
  • Liaison to Family Support Worker/Counselor – Communicate with Family Support Worker to find out what she needs to best manage the Family Support Program. Report back to PTSA Board as needed.

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