Before/After School Activities


Spring 2016
*Registration period is Monday 3/28 – Wednesday 4/6
*Enrollment forms for Paper Registration will be included in child’s folders, online at  or outside the main office.
*Fill out paper form ONLY for classes noted ‘Paper Registration.’
*Questions about individual classes, scholarships or general registration can be directed to parent contacts. 
*Scholarships are available by vendor choice, or funded by the PTSA and given to the first request.  There will be one per family if there are multiple requests.
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Grades K-2 Mondays; 2:50-3:50 Library
Let’s get bendy, go upside down and engage the natural enthusiasm of kids in this energy releasing yoga class. Classes aim to enhance your child’s body awareness, balance and coordination, as well as build strength. Mind-body activities help children develop sensory integration skills, self-awareness and self-esteem.  Breathing techniques are incorporated that help children self-soothe and regulate their minds. We’ll play games, and take fabulous yoga adventures to Amazon rainforests, Arabian deserts, and outer space. Self-expression is highly encouraged and laughter guaranteed as kids build strength, increase flexibility, and focus and concentrate.  Max 12 students.
Cost: $105 for 8 weeks, 4/18 – 6/13 (no class 5/30); checks payable to Heather Hested
Paper Registration.  Parent contact: Vinita Sidhu
Grades K-5 Mondays; 2:50-3:50 Music Room
This trimester the focus is on the musical; the basics and history regarding the genre. Mr. Ryan’s first Children’s book, The Adventures or Mr. Mop, is put to music.  Children will perform along with the original songs and learn the basics for singing solos and chorus singing. Movement, rhythm exercises, and dance are integral parts to each session, as well as set and costume design. Mr. Ryan currently teaches in many schools throughout Seattle and is lead songwriter for the local Indie/choir/folk group ‘the Horde and the Harem’. 
[Ed note: the first term class was a wonderful mix of musical instruction and creativity by a very positive instructor]
Cost: $125 for 8 weeks, 4/25-6/20 (no class 5/30); checks to Mr. Ryan’s Music and Books
Paper Registration. Parent contact: Adrienne James
Grades 2-5 Mondays; 2:50-4:00 Gym/Outdoors
Join One on One Athletics for some serious fun letting it fly!  We will explore the exciting sport of Ultimate each week after school.  You will learn the important motor-skills of passing, catching and footwork, as well as the basic strategies behind this awesome territorial sport!
Cost: $100 for 8 weeks, 4/18 – 6/13 (no class 5/30)
Online Registration at
Parent contact: Anna Cortese
Grades 1-5 Tuesdays 2:50-3:50 Room 305
The Chess Mates program focuses on chess as a teaching tool. Learning and playing chess helps children build future life and work skills. All students and skill levels are welcome. A parent volunteer is most welcome with tuition waived for their child/student.
Cost: $70 for 8 weeks, 4/19 – 6/07  
Parent contact: Gayle Perez
Grades K-2 Tuesdays 2:50-4:00 Gym
Join One on One Athletics for After School Soccer. Skilled and experienced instructors will conduct an exciting one-hour session each week.  We will learn basic fundamentals, rules and strategies of the beautiful game, and have fun scrimmaging while focusing on teamwork, sportsmanship, and FUN!
Cost: $100 for 8 weeks, 4/19 – 6/07
Online Registration at
Parent contact: Anna Cortese
Grades K-2 Music Room Tuesdays 2:50-3:50; Grades 3-5 Thursdays; 2:50-4:20
“Drama Club” is back with more fun Improvisation and Shakespeare, with a continued focus on basic acting and confidence building skills.  We are excited to announce that this session we will be producing a Spring Show!  At the end of May, our Drama Club will present Julie Bragg’s original Shakespearean-inspired musical fairy-tale, “Love’s Labour’s Found”
Cost: $80 for 8 weeks, 4/19 – 6/07 (K-2); 4/21 – 6/09 (3-5)
Make checks payable to Julie Bragg
Paper Registration. Parent contact: Adrienne James
Grades 1-5 Wednesdays 2:50-4:20 Room 205
For $35 each week, students will create delicious dishes focusing on the importance of local ingredients, scratch cooking, and natural preservatives while practicing kitchen safety and providing their family with dinner!  As students follow recipes, they will learn the science behind the use of different ingredients and the important role herbs, spices and veggies play in flavoring our favorite dishes. Each entrée will serve 4 to 6 and will be packaged in oven ready cookware with baking instructions.  Max: 10 students
Cost: $280 for 8 weeks, 4/20 – 6/15 (no class 6/1)
Parent contact: Gayle Perez
Before School CHORUS
Grades 3-5, Wednesdays 7:35-8:30am Music Room
BF Day chorus continues with Laura Ouimette.  The morning class has no cost thanks to a grant from the Music in Schools Chorus Program.  Class size is limited to 35 students, to be coordinated with the parent contact and teacher.  Students should plan to attend each session and will be dismissed from the class at 8:30am to line up with their homeroom on the playground. 
Classes: 9 weeks, 4/20 – 6/15;
Paper Registration. Parent contact: Gayle Perez
Grades 3-5, Wednesdays 2:50-4:20 Computer Lab
Creative Coding teaches your child the joy of computer programming by helping them write their own custom computer games and animations!  Beginner students will learn the fundamental elements of coding using MIT’s Scratch to create their very own computer game. Advanced coders (students with previous Scratch experience) will use a mix of coding challenges techniques, and hacks.  Kids increase their coding skills, speed and proficiency. Through the “brain exercise” of coding, coders build intelligence like athletes build muscles. They develop stronger problem solving skills, confidence over technology, and emotional persistence. Max 12 students.
Cost: $227 for 8 weeks, 4/20 – 6/15 (no class 6/1)
Online Registration at
Parent contact: Vinita Sidhu
Grades K-5, Wednesdays 2:50-3:50 Gym
TGA Premier Youth Tennis is continuing with their successful tennis club.  TGA, in national partnership with the United States Tennis Association, co-designed a tennis enrichment program that focuses on athletic, academic and character development for children.  In addition to professional tennis instruction, your child will take part in a combination of physical fitness for health benefits and academics such as math, science, language and social studies for educational development. TGA’s mission is to empower our students with the tools to be successful on the tennis court and in life.
Cost: $120 for 8 weeks, 4/20 – 6/15 (no class 6/1)
Online Registration at;
Parent contact: Sheryl Marks
Grades K-5 Thursdays; 2:50-4:00 Art Room
Come join Kidscreate teaching-artist Amanda Amsel in this 6 week Printmaking art series.  Students will love exploring the organic shapes of the natural world while they design their own stamps, learn how to use nature as a printing plate, make colorful circle art using watercolor and ink, and discover how to make magical patterns using the ancient art of batik.
Cost: $90 for 6 weeks, 5/12 – 6/16
Online Registration at:
Parent contact: Julie Graber
Grades K-5 Thursdays; 2:50-3:50 Gym/Outside
Jump up! Jump out! Jump for joy! Join Overtime Athletics for our energetic and exciting jump rope program. You’ll learn the basic skills of jumping using long and short ropes. We’ll begin with solo jumping and from week to week sprinkle in some trick jumping as skills improve. We’ll play games and learn jumping rhymes like “Cinderella”, “Bubble Gum”, and “Miss Mary Mack”.  It is an activity good for boxers and ballerinas alike.  Health.  Moves.  Minds.  Let’s GO!
Cost: $80 for 8 weeks, 4/21 – 6/09
Online Registration at:
Parent contact: Julie Graber
WORLD DANCE with Marissa
Grades K-2 Fridays; 2:50-3:50 Music Room
Come get your worldly groove on! Spring session of World Dance will feature a variety of cultural dances from all over Latin America…from Capoeira to Samba and Mexican Folk to Salsa! Students will create a booklet of coloring pages illustrating various cultural aspects of each country. Dress up, dance videos, stories and instruments from these cultures will also be part of the children’s World Dance experience! Join us!
Cost: $96 for 8 weeks, 4/22 – 6/17 (no class 4/29); checks payable to Marissa Baratian
Paper Registration. Parent contact: Julie Graber
CANCANCANCAN Brick Animation
Grades K-5 Fridays; 2:50-4:20 Library
Clay Animation Network has taught over 10,000 students how to make animated movies by providing them with a class theme (i.e. Superheroes, Aliens, etc.). Now students get to watch CANtv (a collection of student movies) on the CAN website to get ideas and decide on their own theme. Students will use iPads (provided by C.A.N.) to take animation photos of LEGO® pieces and edit video and sound. Set, character, and story construction will be taught. View CANtv and over 3,800 student animations at (4 cans). (LEGO® is not affiliated with, and does not sponsor or endorse the services or products of the Clay Animation Network).
Cost: $150 for 8 weeks, 4/22 – 6/10
Online Registration at:
Parent contact: Julie Graber